ontheupmusic publishers

ontheupmusic publishers

Accepting submissions from all corners of the globe making our music universally accessible.

At ontheupmusic we aren't.....


Afraid of change or taking risks for what we believe in. We aim for perfection and that goal which may seem unrealistic, knowing that we won't look back with regret and we haven't settled for mediocrity. Excellence is our promise, we refuse to settle for mediocrity. At ontheupmusic we are on a journey of continuous progression to meet our goals and that of our clients.

Our Vision



To remain current in an ever changing industry, by keeping up to date and moving with the times and latest trends to become a successful global music publishing company.

Our Mission


To write, record and promote the best songs for a comercially viable market including Film, TV, Advertising and New Media. Accepting submissions from all corners of the globe making music universally accessible.

The ontheupmusic promise


To Listen to all music submissions.

To be upfront and honest with our feedback.

To communicate with you personally and professionally at all times.

To strive to do our best in the interest of all parties.

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